photo courtesy of Something Beautiful Photography

I’m Kelli and I am absolutely thrilled that you have stumbled across Wandering Root.  Here are a few things to know about me!

√   I am a Colorado native.  I grew up on a ranch 50 miles from the town I had to commute to each day to go to school.

   My husband and I met right after I graduated high school and fell in love almost instantly.  In 2009 we became husband and wife, which means everyday is spent with my best friend.

   I have a black lab, Rodie, who is my other best friend.  Sometimes I think it is kind of insane how much I love that dog.  He is my right hand man {dog} and an amazing cuddle buddy.  {Update:  Sadly we lost Rodie in January 2014.  Life has not been the same since.}

   In July 2014 we were blessed with a little baby boy, Cash.  He is everything to us.

   I have been a wanderer {hence the wandering in Wandering Root} most of my life.  It has taken me a while to make myself believe that dreams are worth pursuing.

   I 100% believe that we should spend our days doing what we truly love and what makes us happy, really happy.

   I believe that people, events or experiences are placed in our life for a reason.  It is just our job to figure out why. 

   I am a perfectionist.  It is a curse.

   Quality over quantity is a good rule for pretty much everything in life. 

   My 20s have been a journey of health and learning how the food we eat controls our health, not just our weight.  Eating should be thought of as an experience and ways you are nourishing your body.  When I started looking at food differently, life changed for me.

√  My passion for jewelry design developed right after getting married in 2009.  I had spent a year and a half putting all of this creative energy into a wedding and needed a place to shift that focus to once the wedding was over.  Whenever I would walk by bead shops I would dream up what kind of pieces I could create, but I never had the time to follow through with those visions.  After the wedding the shift from wedding planning to jewelry designing seemed natural.  It is an exciting, stressful, fulfilling, and amazing process.  I have a lot to learn still, but I love that because it is presents new challenges and is never boring.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope you will stick around and wander along with me!