Have a Grateful Heart

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I promise a new recipe soon!  I have a fantastic chicken recipe in the works and cannot wait to share it with you.  Until then, I wanted to share  something new that I have been doing for a few weeks now and has made an unexpected impact on my life.  I believe that we all know there are so many things in our lives to be grateful for and for the most part we are very aware how lucky we are.  I also know how easy it can be to get sucked into the day to day and sometimes get down about certain things not going our way, daily life struggles, bills, money, so on a so forth and all those things we have to be grateful for are easily forgotten.

Well for some reason, one day I kept saying to myself always have a grateful heart.  I'm not sure why or where it even came from but it formed the idea that each day I should document in a grateful journal what I am grateful for that day.  I either do it first thing in the morning or last thing before bed.  Now mind you I am so not a journal/dear diary kind of girl.  What is so great about this journal is you don't have to pour out every feeling onto the paper or spend a lot of time doing it.  Simply write the date and today I am grateful for ____________.  Easy, right?  It takes barely anytime to do but the way it changes your thought process is amazing.  It keeps things you are grateful for and why you are so lucky top of mind and therefore makes it harder for things that may have normally gotten you down to actually get you down.  It has made me think why does that matter or why is this getting to me because I have so many things going for me and that is where my focus should be.  You guys should try this, I promise you, it will cause a shift to happen in your life and the way you approach mishaps or difficulties in your life.  I am not saying it that I am walking around with no stress or that I never get down but I am saying that overall I am a much happier and positive person.