the dirtiest fruits and vegetables

While we all know that shopping organic is the absolute best way to go, sometimes it can be hard to buy everything organic because it can get pricey.  I believe though that it is super important that you get plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet daily.  So instead of avoiding them all together in fear of consuming harmful pesticides, use this list to determine which fruits and vegetables are a must to buy organic and which ones you can get away with buying conventionally from time to time.

The Dirtiest Fruits & Vegetables l

This list came about because several years ago when I realized that shopping organic was necessary and I just couldn't afford to go organic all at once.  Heck, even now I can't always afford buying all my groceries organic.  Anyways, when I started doing research on the fruits and vegetables that contained the most pesticides I kept running into several "Dirty Dozen" lists, which were fantastic and super helpful.  The only thing was, was that every list varied slightly, so I decided heck with the dirty dozen stuff and just came up with a list that contained the fruits and vegetables that are found to have the most pesticides.  This is that list.  So if there ever comes a time when buying everything organic is not possible for you, at least buy these ones organic and you will be doing great!  Remember that if you are just starting out in the organic world, take baby steps.  You don't have to make all your changes at once.  Change takes time and as long as you keep moving forward and keep taking steps, even little ones you are making improvements and that is amazing!