southwest egg rolls

Southwest Egg Rolls l
Southwest Egg Rolls l

These little bad boys are inspired by some egg rolls that my husband and I used to order along with beef fajitas and margaritas at a certain popular restaurant.  It has been quite some time since we have enjoyed that meal, so naturally we have moments that we crave these.  If we are being completely honest I am definitely having a stronger craving for the margarita now that I am writing about them and it is about 85 degrees out!  About these egg rolls though, they aren't a carbon copy of those egg rolls because they aren't deep fried, enough said!  They sure are tasty though!  We really enjoyed them.

Southwest Egg Rolls l
Southwest Egg Rolls l
Southwest Egg Rolls l

While egg roll wrappers can certainly be used for these, I chose to use Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas and they worked really well!  My husband is actually the one that mentioned that these tortillas reminded him of what is used for egg rolls, genius!  They actually do!  If you are somebody that has been used to using flour or corn tortillas you should really try these.  I have been using these for just myself for quite sometime to replace other tortillas because I thought for sure my husband would not like them.  However, one night I didn't feel like using two different kinds of tortillas so I made him try these and to my surprise he loved them!

Southwest Egg Rolls l

If you are looking for something more burrito style that makes a more complete meal you can absolutely have that.  Just don't cut the tortillas in half when you are done cooking them like what is pictured above.  If you want something more egg roll like and appetizer style cut them in half like pictured below.  Easy enough!

Southwest Egg Rolls l
Southwest Egg Rolls l


Southwest Egg Rolls

serves:  4-8


3 grilled chicken breast fillets, shredded

1 c cooked black beans

1 c frozen corn

1 c packed chopped spinach

1 1/2 c lightly packed sharp cheddar cheese + 2 Tbsp

1/2 jalapeño, diced

1 garlic clove, minced

Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas

2 tsp coconut oil



1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit.  Add 1 tsp coconut oil to a large nonstick frying pan.  Heat over medium heat, add spinach, jalapeño and garlic to pan and cook until spinach is slightly wilted and jalapeño and garlic is soft.  

2. Rinse the corn under cold water to thaw, blot with towel to remove water.  Add black beans and corn to spinach.  Cook until the corn and black beans are warmed.  Remove pan from heat.

3. Add the chicken and 1 1/2 cups of cheese to spinach mixture and stir until cheese is melted through.

4. Place tortillas in oven for about 30 seconds, just to warm them*.

5. Distribute spinach mixture evenly between the 4 tortillas.  Roll up tortillas.  At the seam place the remaining 2 Tbsp of cheese, this will seal the tortillas when you cook them.

6. Place large nonstick frying pan back on stove, place over medium heat.  Add remaining 1 tsp coconut oil to pan.

7. Place rolled up tortillas on frying pan {I did 2 at a time} seam side down.  Cook for 3 minutes or until browned, flip over and cook another 3 minutes or until browned.

8. Remove from pan and cut in half.  Serve with whatever moves you, salsa, guacamole, etc.


*Note: If you do not warm these tortillas they will split and if you over warm them they will split, so keep a watchful eye!

Southwest Egg Rolls l
Southwest Egg Rolls l
Southwest Egg Rolls l