seasonal eating: fall

Seasonal Eating: Fall

I am absolutely loving fall produce this year because our farmers market has been loaded with so many goodies.  It makes cooking and baking especially fun and exciting.  The produce is so good this year that even though the city's summer farmers market ended for the year last week, the city decided to block off a section of town for farmers only on Thursdays from 3pm - 6pm through October.  I cannot tell you how much this excited me when I found out last Thursday.  I was super sad that it would be the last time I could get my hands on locally grown fruits and veggies, so when one of the farmers told me that I was filled with such joy.  

It is really important to eat seasonally as often as possible, that way you know the food you are consuming is as fresh as possible.  If you have to have something out of season it is my opinion that buying frozen is best.  The reason being is that usually that fruit or vegetable was picked at its peak then frozen.  If you are buying something "fresh" that is out of season where you live then you are not really getting something fresh because of the mileage it had to travel to get to you.  Also, sometimes transporting the produce means it may require irradiation as well as preservatives to well, preserve the produce.