What I Am Loving Right Now

What I Am Loving Right Now l wanderingroot.com

I always love seeing and hearing what other people are loving and into at the moment so I thought I would share a few things I am either loving or wanting to try.

But first, that quote.  I recently saw this on the fantastic Elizabeth Gilbert's {of Eat, Pray, Love} Facebook page.  This is so great.  Do something you love.  Don't waste your time being in an unhappy situation.  It may take time to get out of it but start making steps to make yourself come ALIVE.  I just saw that she has a new book coming out in September, I cannot wait to read it.  If you don't follow her, you should.  She is super inspirational.  My sister was lucky enough to see her speak in Salt Lake City and suggested I start following her.  I of course knew her from reading her book, but after following her Facebook page I love her even more now.

Okay, onto what I love or want to try!

1. Yogurt Maker - I don't do much dairy anymore so I am really wanting this for Cash.  Buying good quality grass fed yogurt is so expensive, so this would be the perfect way to make it on a budget.  When I eat yogurt or when I give it to Cash I like it plain with berries added in.  It is really awesome if you add the berries to a saucepan over medium heat with some coconut oil and let them break up a bit, then swirl them into the yogurt and top with cinnamon.  You don't have to worry about a lot of junk or sugar added in when you do it this way.  Yum!

2. Spiralizer - I have been wanting this forever!  I have a handheld one that works for zucchini, but with this one you can spiralize anything, well almost anything.  I recently received a copy Inspiralized and it really has me wanting to pull the trigger and get a spiralizer.

3. The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon - I love Sara and Hugh's blog so much and I love their first book, so I know this book has to be amazing as well!  I love Sara's whole foods approach to cooking and Hugh's photography is to die for.  I also love meals that are simple and require little fuss, so this book is right up my ally.  I have had it in my Amazon shopping cart for a long time, I need to pull the trigger and buy it already!

4. Gingerade Kombucha - I am a known Kevita lover but lately I am really digging Kombucha.  I love a bunch of the flavors but Gingerade has been a favorite lately.  I even give Cash a little bit and he loves it {in my Super Nutrition for Babies book, it is suggested that because of the fermentation, do not give toddlers more than 1-2 oz. daily and watch for the sugar content.  I give him just a few sips because of the healthy probiotics!}.

5. Amazonite Bracelets - These bracelets come from my newly opened jewelry shop.  I love the subtle color of the Amazonite Stones and how they go with practically everything.  Super pretty stones.

6. Floppy Hat - I am a hat girl.  Love them.  I have been looking for the perfect floppy hat and actually ran across a maroon one that I loved at Target last week.  I was in a hurry and didn't grab and of course when I went back a few days later they were all sold out.  We are having family pictures done this weekend and I really wanted to get it for the pictures.  So now I am on the hunt!  I just saw this one on Charlotte Russe's website so I will have to go check it out.  The only thing I am unsure of is the little feather embellishment...  We will see, the hunt is on!

Happy Monday, have a fantastic week!  Is it weird that I actually do love Mondays {most of the time}?  All the possibilities, all the things you can accomplish.  I love it.  A fresh start. :)


*None of these are affiliate links, just simply stuff I love!