Life Lately and What I am Loving

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I have been quiet in this space for a couple months now {not on purpose} so I thought an update was necessary.

Our lives are in such a busy season right now.  Between our jobs, designing jewelry, running after a 2 year old and being new homeowners with a ton of projects, things are HECTIC.  It is such a good season in our lives, filled with excitement, but it is incredibly frustrating not being able to do as much as we want, as quickly as we want.  

So far though, being a homeowner is the best.  We are not even near being done and already we have seen such a transformation.  We have loved really making it our own and being able to do whatever we want to the place.  It is nothing like we imagined our first home to be, but right now it is perfect.  We are excited to continue moving forward with the projects and to see how our house comes together and becomes our home.

Aside from house projects we are adapting to Cash moving to a big boy bed, lack of sleep again, potty training, and teething.  What use to be an easy bedtime, where we could put him in a crib with books and he would read to himself and eventually fall asleep, now consists of one of us laying with him/rocking him to sleep every night.  Typically a few hours later he is crawling into our bed or one of us is sleeping with him in his bed.  Last night, he was just not going back to sleep, which means today was a LONG day.  "NO" is pretty much all he says right now and he is really showing his independence especially while out shopping.  I actually try to avoid the store right now {which is hard during Christmas} because it is chaotic.  He tests my patience all the time and is really making me practice remaining calm.  He truly is making me grow as a person because I must admit, I am not very patient.  He is teaching me how to become more patient and not just "react".  

On the other side though, he is loving Christmas and just loves all the Christmas lights.  We really limit TV but have made an exception during this time, letting him watch the Christmas Classics when they come on TV.  He has really fallen in love with Charlie Brown.  He is becoming such a little boy and loves trucks, tractors, farm animals, and trains.  He does good playing by himself for a little bit which is nice for this momma to get a few things done.  He gives lots of kisses and makes sure to wipe my kisses away.  He is such a good helper and is learning so much.  As much as he pushes my buttons, I would not trade it for the world.  I love him more than I ever could have imagined.

A couple weeks ago, I wrapped up my last show for 2016 and am looking forward to working on new jewelry designs come 2017.  I temporarily put my Etsy shop on vacation mode but regularly post my latest pieces on Instagram so if you see something you want, just message me and I would be happy to get it to you!  

Lately, I have been on a hot drink kick {probably because of the cooling temps :) }, so I thought I would share my favorites with you along with some of my other favorite things.

+ Turmeric Lattes - {this one and this one are my favorites} are becoming quite the thing, so naturally I had to try one.  I have been making them for the past couple of weeks and really love them!  

+ Matcha Lattes - I got on this kick last year but have redeveloped a love for them recently, I will post my recipe soon!

+ Pumpkin Spice Coffee - For the most part, I stopped drinking coffee for awhile but have picked the habit up again in the past month.  I make a Pumpkin Spice Coffee that is so much better than Starbuck's #PSL.  It is just coffee, organic half and half, about 1 tsp. coconut sugar {to taste} and a little bit of Pumpkin Pie Spice.  I swear, it is sooo good.  It is not overly sweet, which bothers me about the Starbucks version.  I really need to stop the coffee habit again, as I can really tell it affects my mood and emotions but this drink has made it so hard to give up on a cold early morning.  

+ Celebrations Cookbook - This is the first book I made sure to pick up on its release date.  Tonight I made the Curry Pumpkin Soup {I substituted in Butternut Squash} and it was incredible. I have not been disappointed in a recipe yet.  This weekend I hope to try out some of the Christmas Cookie recipes.


+ Missing, Presumed - I am currently reading this book and am totally into it.  I am always on the look out for new, good books and I recently saw this recommended on Book of the Month Club's Instagram account.  While I am not apart of the club, I like following them on Instagram to get ideas, then I check the book out at the library. 

+ Boutiques - I don't shop for clothes a lot, but lately I started following some boutiques on Instagram that make it hard to not buy all the things.  Currently my favorites are Piper & Scoot, Wren & Ivory, Dottie Couture, CupsheClad & Cloth and Hazel & Olive.

Since it has been so long, I could go on and on but I will conclude it there.  Thank you so much for reading and make sure to be enjoy this season.  Take care of yourself, drink plenty of water, eat a lot of greens and get outside.